Caja Dropbox installed but doesn't open when I click to run app

Hello, I’m running 16.04 and have installed Caja Dropbox from the Software Boutique and it was working for a while. My Dropbox folders/files downloaded and synced just fine.

I run Software Updater from the Control Panel weekly so I’m up to date on patches.

Caja Dropbox is installed but I can’t open it when I click the icon to setup and configure the dropbox, I want to pick the folders that I want to sync.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling Caja Dropbox… same results.

I gave up and tried the Ubuntu Software Center and I tried installing the Nautilus Ubuntu version of Dropbox… that didn’t work so I uninstalled it.

Maybe I’ve jacked up my system… hope not.

Wondering about how to scrub all the dropbox stuff and start over?

Thanks in advance,

Maybe, and this is only a suggestion that I would try, it doesn’t mean it is right or will work but I would uninstall dropbox, then open up caja. next, navigate to .config (if you can’t see any file names with a DOT in front just press ctrl-h within caja) and open up .config… (this is were it gets tricky because I don’t have it installed and I am not sure what gets installed) but delete your dropbox folder. Not sure if that is only going to be one folder or multiple in different locations but usually this will remove the settings so you can start over.

Good Luck Bob

Did you try;
caja-dropbox start
from terminal?

Well the good news is that i found a Dropbox Linux app in the App Store… works well.

Thanks for the advice.