Caja file type association for word files

In UM 20.04 I have managed to get my Router usb disk to open through Network Browser, but now there is no “file association” for LibreOffice word doc.s Caja trys to open them, it opens the folders alright and PDF, and Videos open. If i select “Open with other application” and select LibreOffice word, the word file will open, but I then have to do that process every time even when “Remember this” is ticked
Any help would be appreciated

Hello Gege

Could you please explain what you mean by "my Router usb disk"? :slightly_smiling_face:

I read what the OP wrote as - his router has a usb port that he plugged an external drive into. It seems to be working as expected except for libre office file types.

Yes, i have a 16 Gb flash drive attached to a usb port on my router, I can access it from 4 other computers all running a version of UM 18 or less or with Debian and Mint. They all open the drive as they should and i can open any file in there. Now in UM 20.03 when i try to open a word file i get .... Could not dislay “smb://”.
The file is of an unknown type.
If i then select Lib office to open the file it will open but once only and i have to go through that every time. I could show a picture but i can't see how to include it.