CAJA Issue: Copy & Move Files in 20.04

And "HELLO" ore as some of us say in Norway "HALLA" to the community :wave:

  • The Caja Window Manager only lets me "Copy ore Move" 4,3 GB of a file, when the actual file is bigger ??????

Like my example in these pictures:

Now, this is my first request of help on my "to now" most agreeable and suitable version, I have ever come over and it all felt a little wrong. I mean, this has to be about a setting of some sort :thinking: .
Also, I have experienced this with another Ubuntu version but then I just reckoned that Caja needed to be refreshed and goten rid of cash & temp & what not. I also did what I could do in that manner but I never got control. My Caja was only "Copying and Moving" 4,3 GB of the bigger files :unamused:.
Then I formatted and reinstalled the Ubuntu Mate and were back on track :smirk:......

But doing that now feels even wronger :shushing_face:.

  • SO, is this commend and is there a place I can change these settings ??


@SpacePunk, two questions.

  1. What is the partition type of the hard drive/USB drive you are trying to copy to? FAT, NTFS, exFAT? If it is FAT the maximum single file size it can support is only 4GB.
  2. when you say you had say experience on other version or reinstalled Ubuntu MATE and were back on track, you mean you were able to copy bigger size file on to same drive?

That's it, I am using a disk that I partitioned in to FAT :roll_eyes:...

GRATITUDE to @saivinob and really, thank`s Sai :sun_with_face:

:blush:... I didn't know that :upside_down_face:

& of course no, it wouldn't and didn't work after I reinstalled.
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: in my topped off AD/HD head it probably did. If I still was on the project, that is. I can also see my self changing the drive that accidentality had another partition :crazy_face: ......