Caja showing .goutputstream work files (bug)

From time to time, when caja is not the active window and i'm editing files and saving them, when i return to the caja window it lists some .goutputstream files which disappear when you select View/Reload. Has anyone else been seeing this?

Hi @crankypuss,

I’m not sure whether such files should ever be shown vs. still showing when they are gone. Do you knowingly have Show Hidden Files on? It’s a Caja option and can be toggled with Ctrl+H.

On the View/Reload refresh part, I’ve noticed a general erosion of Caja keeping up with changes and find myself hitting F5 a lot these days. In general, I find variations in where the directory is and how it’s mounted with smb/cifs shares being the worst.

In fact, returning to a directory will continue to show the same error because it’s obviously in a cache. Errors are both files no longer there or new files that should be. Again, I hit F5 alot (officially Ctrl+R but F5 works, too).


You betcha, always set that straight off when configuring a file manager.

Guess i'll start hitting ctl-r then, it's easier to find in the dark since hitting ctl lights the keyboard but F5 is up at the top somewhere. I'm tempted to fiddle, but code gets done by writing it instead of fiddling with other peoples' stuff. Sounds like it's a known bug, i can spare the time it takes to hit ctl-r once in a while.


Ah yes... we all have our staple settings. Like me, I bet you can't get to "List" view quick enough. :slight_smile:

Ultimately, this is a performance trade-off. You kill performance by polling for changes in large directories. And things Caja isn't aware of changing files (just like a compiler) would be the worst case to handle. Catch-22.

Yep, list-view, name/date/size/type, icon-view for media directories only, gimme that “delete” menu item, but that’s just my workflow.

The right way to do it is via notificactions. Dunno if linux filesystem architecture supports that or not, never needed to use it. Don’t even know what language Caja is written in, could be Python for all i know.

Anyway if there actually is a “Caja team” and they’re using what they support, it’ll get fixed before i ever need to panic over it (ctl-r is easier than a good panic, anytime).

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