Caja side panel gone

suddenly, the side panel of caja (where you see "places") is missing, and I can absolutely find no way to restore it. Can anybody help? !
Restoring a snapshot via Timeshift doesn't do the trick either...

Have you tried to click on view and tick side panel or press the F9 key ?

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unfortunately, so such option in view; F9 does nothing.

What version of Ubuntu MATE are you using ?
In 19.10 there's 17 items to choose from in the view menu (while you've only got 11) among which the possibility to show/hide the sidebar..

Anyway, you can try installing dconf-editor (sudo apt install -y dconf-editor && dconf-editor), go to org/mate/caja/window-state and check if start-with-sidebar is enabled.
It should look like this.


If it's disabled, enable it.

thanks, Utsuro! I installed dconf - and found, that start with sidebar is enabled. Problem persists.

P.S.: I am running 18.04.

Sounds like a weird bug.
This is old but maybe worth a try (takes 4 clicks).
He seems to experience the same thing as you.

Finally, the problem appears to be rectified:

I was about to set nautilus to open subdirectory in same window, head to Edit -> Preferences -> Behavior and un-check “Open each folder in its new window” or “Always open in browser windows”.

After this, I clicked to open a new window and it’s strange that all Side Pane/Toolbar come back, and they’re all shown in View menu again.


That did it, thank you!!

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Good to know.
You're welcome !
Thanks for bringing out of the dead a 9 year old bug !