Calibre problems with 22.04.1 on 2022/10/14

I've used CALIBRE successfully from Botique for years but never in that past time did it require any payment. Now the 'Welcome wizaid' has gone and without it even the basic conversion is not possible,

I just installed it the other day. Mine does not ask for any payment and works out of the box. Did you download it thru apt? Or some other way, perhaps?

When it did not work

When it did not work I deleted it through Boutique and reinstalled through Boutique - it does not ask for money but it does not work.

This is not a comment on the work done on the Software Boutique, but I no longer install Calibre from there or through the distro repos. Instead I follow the directions here:

Those seem to work well enough for me and if there has been an update since the last time I used the application it will let me know and offer to open the page with these commands to update the application. Just remember to close the program first!

Maybe you will have better results if you try removing the version installed now and installing it from the commandline according to those instructions?

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