Camera Pi not working

Hello, I just made an SD card with Ubuntu Mate 22.04.
I have a problem with the raspbery camera.
It was perfectly recognized under Ubuntu Mate 20.04.
Now under Ubuntu Mate 22.04 it no longer works.
I saw that raspi-config was now incorporated in Ubuntu Mate 22.04 (very good idea), I went to "Interface Option" "Camera" and here is the return I have: Your firmware appears to be out of date ( no start_x.elf). Please update.
Obviously my system is up to date ^^
Thanks for your help

during a migration from Ubuntu 20.04 to 22.04 the camera remains functional.
the camera only malfunctions on a raw install of Ubuntu 22.04.
I note that raspi-config does not install during migration.
Could he be the problem?