Camera that does not require a smart phone

Because there are some pretty sharp "cookies" here, I thought I post a challenge.

I am looking for a camera that does NOT require a smart phone in order to display it's videos/images.

I have a Microsoft Webcam HD 500 and it has a usb connector.

I am thinking I might be able to get a cable extension that is at least 23 feet so I can run it across my ceiling to my window. I would mount the camera inside.

Not sure if there will be a signal loss too great for that distance.

There may be signal boosters?

What do you scholars and inventors think?


There are several ways: :slight_smile:


Thanks tkn.

I think I need this one.

But not sure.

Here are some pics of my usb ports.

The USB-cable wants USB 3.2 Gen 1
The blue USB connectors on your pictures are at least USB 3.2 Gen 1

So theoretically it should work. :thinking:

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Thanks so much.

Ok, if I read this correctly I should not have to use the power connector if my webcam does not need it.

USB 3.2 Gen 1 (5 Gbps) Active Extension Cable,
USB-A M/F – 10 m (33 ft.)
Note: Although not required, the additional USB-A male connector on the
cable is provided for applications where power is needed. If your application
is not working correctly without power, connect the built-in connector to a
USB-A port on your monitor or a USB wall outlet.


The connector on the far right of the bottom picture (showing the cable ends) does not look like any usb end I have seen?

The right plug on the left picture:

That end is more similar to the USB socket in your PC than to the usb plug normally found on the end of an USB cable.

But don't forget that it is an USB extention cord so that end should be similar to the USB socket in your PC instead.
The connetcor of your camera should fit in that end :slight_smile:

The double connector on the far right picture:
(same as the left connector on the left picture)

The extra USB connector on that side of the cable is for extra powersupply to your camera in case you need it.

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Thanks tkn, I think it will work.