Cameras of Lenovo ideapad Miix-320-10ICR still not working under 22.04

On my Lenovo Miix-320-10ICR I started using Mate 18.04, in the meantime I changed to 20.04 and finally I tried 22.04 desperately hoping that the very last version would support the cameras. In vain: they are still not being recognized under 22.04. Does anybody have a solution? I love my little PC and would like to be able to use all its hard ware features! Thanks, D-E

I forget how, but I thought UM had the ability to detect 3rd party hardware and find those firmware upgrades if necessary? But you have to select it and tell UM somewhere in the settings.

Thanks, the problem is that it not even detects the cameras. And, there is a way of checking for proprietary drivers, but nothing is being found