Can it be done? RPi3B+ with CDS Stretch Touch Screen


Our team is planning a major museum renovation. We would like to replace our current button-based media kiosks with sleek touchscreen stretch displays.

We’re currently exploring pairing a RaspPi 3 B+ set up as a local web server with a CDS stretch screen with a touch overlay (either infrared or PCAP) ( The manufacturer says the USB touch controller is HID compliant which we are accepting as true at face value.

Just want to know if using an RPi with Ubuntu MATE is in the ballpark for this type of set up.



From what I’ve heard, there are some problems with Ubuntu MATE on the Pi3B+. You might try Raspbian, the official Pi OS., I believe. Right idea, though :thumbsup:.


For anyone interested I have prepared instruction how-to force Ubuntu 16.04 LTS MATE to work on RPi 3B+:


Just a heads up… our prototypes are functioning within their expected specs. The touch screen overlay integrated flawlessly with Raspbian.

Used a great instructional from Die Antwert Tech Blog to get a version of Raspbian Lite to launch Chromium in kiosk mode at launch. Content is a HTML5 project built with Tumult Hype (early draft is shown in the photos here, but the videos and touch events work as expected.)