Can not boot UM 16.10 after installation

I have installed UM 16.10 , dual boot with Win10, and the /boot is on /dev/sda9, root / is on /dev/sda8, no errors get during the installation. Used I use easyBCD on win10 to add an boot entry, it works on UM 16.04(aslo on ubuntu 16.04).

BUT this method does not work on UM 16.10. it get grub>, and I try to use ls command, only got
error 14: FileSystem compatibility error, cannot read the whole file

edit:I found all non-LTS ubuntu have this issue, include ubuntu 16.10,ubuntu gnome 16.10, ubuntu 17.04;

CAN anyone help! thanks

edit: I try the super_grub2_disk tool, it can get into ubuntu and I use boot repair to reinstall grub2, but it DOESN'T work, it can get Grub Boot menu, but can not get into UM system.

Hi cexowengui

About error 14

I see you are running grub4dos, how did you install this?

Are you running several distro’s (operating systems)?

Hi @cexowengui,

download a copy of Boot Repair (ISO download) or use the Ubuntu Mate live CD and open Welcome which also has a "Boot Repair" option:

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