Can not burn mp3s to CD-RW

I am trying to burn mp3s to a CD-RW disk.

To play on my car CD player.

I have been successful in the past.

But now I am not successful.

I have used Brasero, Kb3, and XfBurn.

And I have used other CDs to eliminate a bad CD.

When I try to play the songs in my car,

It plays the first song ok, then it skips around and does not play any more songs.

What is going on?


IMHO, most probably that is a compatibility issue. Slightly different CD-RW media, slightly differently wearied CD-Drives, a bit of dust on CD-recorder and/or CD-player lens, etc.
Nowadays we all are too used to things that 'just work', and nevertheless there were times when one had to unplug network cable and do not touch nor keyboard nor mouse so that not to interrupt CD writing session...

Can you write other things on your CD-RW's? Data files, mp3's, movies? When is the last time you cleaned your lens? I agree with ugnvs, are you doing to many other things while burning? Even with multi-core processors it could cause problems. Can you burn .cda on a CD-R with no problems? Can you write DVD's? What software are you using to format/wipe your re-writable disks? Just some thoughts on trouble shooting for you.

The CDs play fine on my computer.

So maybe my car CD player is more finicky?

I tried it with a CD-R, same results.

It plays fine on my computer.

Wrote at the lowest speed with no other programs running.

Could be, I would try cleaning the lens on the car's CD player first, and then see how it plays a commercially made CD. If that works then try your CD-RW.
I installed a radio with a USB port in my older vehicle years ago, and most newer vehicles now have that. It was great to get rid of all my CD's and CD cases.
I run a 64 gigabyte USB drive, so have thousands of MP3's on it. Something to think about for the future.

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I burned the songs as a music CD and they played fine.

I will upgrade my radio in the future.