Can someone help me figure out why my wired Xbox 360 controller isn't working?

So I think this is something unique to Mate 16.04. I’ve tried several other variants of Ubuntu 16.04 and the controller works fine out of the box. It is only with Mate that the controller is rather temperental to the point of being nonfunctional.

I’ve tried installing xboxdr, the steampad drv, everything that I can think of and the issue still isn’t resolved. Can someone help me figure out why this is happenign?

I have an xbox 360 wireless controller, and my guide button(the gray button between start and back) keeps flashing instead of just lighting the player 1 area. Wasn’t this fixed in a previous kernel update? Would also like to know if it does the clockwise flash to indicate low battery.

Hey Cold,

Do me a favor. Boot up Kubuntu, Xubuntu, or Lubuntu or anything else off a live usb (don’t install) just to see if your problem goes away.

I’m fairly certain it is something specific to Mate.

Just tried Lubuntu, and yep, the controller only lights the upper left player 1 side as it should be. Seems it is a problem related to Ubuntu Mate. Hope they fix it, it is very distracting.

What problems in particular do you have questionman1?

So tried it with jstest-gtk, and it detects 4 controllers instead of 1. Don't know why 2 calibrate windows appears.

I have a similar problem. After reboot xbox 360 controller loses connection. At boot time, the controller does not initialized correctly (4 leds blink). After system boot If you disconnect and reconnect the controller again - it is defined correctly. Tried with Ubuntu, Xubuntu and Kubuntu LiveCD- in these xbox360 controller is initialized correctly at every boot.
So it turns that this is an exclusive bug of Ubuntu MATE 16.04

Has this been solved in UM 18.04LTS?

Your title concerned a wired controller but your screenshot concerned a wireless controller. Fix the title. Then, the receiver is able to connect upto 4 wireless controllers, that's why you see 4 controllers in joystick settings. Also, you need to connect the wireless controller to your controller receiver : press and maintain the button in the receiver controller in same minute than press and maintain the button on the wireless controller on the side front of.