Can we add SeaMonkey Browser?

Seamonkey Is a Web Browser That is compleatly diffrent from Firefox chrome or opera. And it is avalible for linux. i tought i’d be a good idea to add it to the software boutique.

*note for mods: if you are looking for the Linux Download links they are here:

Thank you.

Seamonkey isn’t in the repo’s because there is not a maintainer available for Seamonkey. Mozilla only delivers binaries and the PPA on SourceForge hasn’t been updated since 2011.

Software can only be added if there is an actual PPA available.

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Alright thanks for the information.

You could still write to them and tell them about the Software Boutique. Perhaps there is a chance that they will consider building a PPA or snap package.

Go to this link and follow the instructions on installing Seamonkey:

I have used it extensively and it is a very good alternative to Firefox.