Can you tell the difference? Ubuntu MATE vs Ubuntu 11.04

Just for a little bit of fun, here's a little brain teaser to see if you can distinguish between Ubuntu 11.04 and Ubuntu MATE:

Which one is Ubuntu MATE? The left picture, or the right?

You have 5 seconds. Go!

The answer: (Upside down)
ǝuo ʇsɹᴉɟ ǝɥʇ s,ʇᴉ

Was you fast enough to notice the subtle differences? :wink:


i see what you did there. You almost got me fooled :smiley:

What is the name of the theme used in the right picture?

The panel looks better in the second picture than the first one.

Ambience - but its older version from GNOME 2 (back in Ubuntu 11.04) - It’s probably a gradient image, whereas Ubuntu MATE today uses a solid colour.


Do you have it right now, or I should start searching for it?

*seconds later* For the panel, I do now. I just cropped the original image:

Save this, right-click the desired panel, and set it as the background image. :smile:

The original theme might be around on the internet, or you can grab a copy of Ubuntu 11.04.

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But in 15.10 - with no (orange/amber) Radiance theme only Green ones - how do you recreate the theme?

Appearance > Customise lets you change the folders (Humanity) and Highlight, but not the checkboxes and buttons …


For changing the controls to match the Humanity theme, I copied:
/usr/share/themes/Ambiant-MATE to: ~/.themes/Ambiant-MATE

Then inside these files:

  • gtk-3.0/gtk-main.css
  • gtk-3.0/settings.ini
  • gtk-2.0/gtkrc

Replace #87A752 (Ubuntu MATE’s green) with #F17949 (Ubuntu’s Orange), and re-log in for changes to take effect.

Alternatively, you could make the changes directly to /usr/share/themes/Ambiant-MATE so they apply for all users, but beware if these changes are reverted later due to updates/upgrades.

Just as reference:

  • Ubuntu’s original “brown” theme is in human-theme and human-icon-theme.
  • Ubuntu’s current Ambiance and Radiance theme is in light-themes.
  • Applying the original Ambiance or Radiance theme directly in Ubuntu MATE will cause white panels / black text on the panels.
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Thanks! Just the info I needed.