Can Zsh replace Dash and Bash entirely?

It sounds like I’ve gone off the deep end, but bear with me here; Ubuntu MATE had seen a whole whacktonne of changes that go entirely against the grain of what Ubuntu is all about these days, such as most recently the exclusion of the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Zsh is suppose to be so damn good; Any time I look stuff up regarding Z-Shell all i see is praise for how awesome it is as a shell, and as something that can provide a beautified shell that performs as good as it looks. But if it’s as good as people claim, how come we’re not using it as the system-wide shell already?

Would it really be that foolish an endeavour to try replacing Bourne Again and Debian Almquist shells with Z-shell? Would it provide any tangible benefit (aside from the fact it’s only one shell for the whole system)? It would certainly differentiate Ubuntu MATE that much further,

Is it forward-thinking to even suggest that, or am I doing a moonwalk without realizing it?

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As Ubuntu MATE uses the same footprint as Ubuntu, I guess, that we are bound to the same shell.'

But you can always test Zsh:

sudo apt-get install zsh
chsh -s /bin/zsh

You can change back to Bash with:

chsh -s /bin/bash

I haven’t actually tried other shells, but the first thing springs to mind is: will scripts and programs still be compatible?

I agree with @wizd3m , maybe it’s not as straight forward as it’s based on Ubuntu… and even Debian for that matter.