Cannot connect to university wifi

I haven’t had any problems until this morning. I opened my laptop on campus just like normal but it wouldn’t connect to the university wifi. I’ve been Googling different solutions and tried the ones here and here but even after downgrading wpa supplicant to v2.1 I still couldn’t connect to the wifi. I can see all my connections, including the university wifi, and I’m currently using my cell phone as a mobile hot spot to access the university wifi. Any suggestions on possible fixes?

do you have to go through portals?

Are you using the Eduroam network? It has been working for me today. What is your exact configuration?

I’m not using the Eduroam network, it’s a specific school network. I’m thinking actually that when I updated to the newest Linux kernel last night something might have happened. Do you think that could have caused a problem?

I’m not sure what you mean by portals. We sign up our devices on the network and then connect whenever we’re on campus.

Do u have a login page that requires a username and password besides the
network password