Cannot get everything from my touchpad because of libinput

I installed Ubuntu MATE Release 22.04.3 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) 64-bit on my hp laptop. I noticed that I can't pinch zoom, neither on Firefox nor on PDF files.

So I tried to install fusuma following the Ubuntu instructions and ran it, but it didn't affect my system in anyway.

I tried touchegg too, and ran from terminal or using the GUI but it also didn't affect my system at all.

I tried running libinput debug-gui on terminal. I see that it doesn't recognize three or four fingers at the same time (although they used to do certain things like changing between apps on windows 10). But it recognizes my 2-fingers pinch gestures, yet these gestures do nothing on Firefox and PDF files.

I thought that maybe I need to find an alternative for libinput but it seems impossible due to the system using X11 I think?

So can anyone help

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