Cannot keep flatpak app pinned to MATE dock

I recently installed Evolution 3.40-1 from flathub, in order to get the latest app version on 20.04.2

The app works well, but when using the Mutiny layout, the app cannot be pinned to the dock... open the app from the launcher, choose pin-to-dock.

Log out and back in, and its gone!
I havent used any other flatpak apps, does this affect anyone else? Is there a workaround?

Not a solution but a question: Can you open attachments from within flatpaked Evolution? Does Evolution start the appropriate app automatically? Or do you have to save the attachments and open them from Caja? This was the case with the snap and flatpak builds of Thunderbird I tried some months ago — and the main reason why I went back to the deb build.

BTW: If I remember well, I had the same issue you describe with MATE dock applet.

Generally speaking, I think there's still a lot to be done concerning the smooth system integration of snap and flatpak apps. It will be interesting to see how the guys from Elementary OS are going to tackle that problem. The app store of Elementary 6 will exclusively contain flatpaks.

hi jodother,

Flatpak evolution seems to run really well so far:

  • yes I can open attachments with a double-click from evolution
  • alarm notifications appear in the notification panel with popup reminders etc

I'm on 20.04.2

I havent tried it yet, but supposedly printing from the app wont work, that is posted on the

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Hi. Quick update, I'm using Mate 20.04.3 LTS and this seems to still be going, I installed libreoffice, firefox and chromium via flatpak. In the same session, they pin well, however, when I log out or just start a new session, the apps dissapear from my dock.

Thats a shame, I was hoping these bugs would get fixed. At least 22.04 is around the corner and an upgrade to that will bring newer app versions. I'm really hoping that snaps and flatpaks get some better integration and these critical bug fixes sorted, it is surely the answer for long-term linux support. Stable base and rolling updates on apps sounds great, but if it doesnt work right, then I will stick with the repo old version, or PPAs!

Hello chrisonmate

I use a layout with panels. I also use a number of Flatpak programs. I have been able to add launchers for the Flatpaks to the panels without any problems. I have added this comment for anyone who is trying to narrow down the cause of the problematic behaviour. :slightly_smiling_face: