Cannot use password

Hello team I updated my Ubuntu and since then I cannot login to my system. Had to buy another system unit which i am using now. In situations like this what do you advise me to do? Kind regards and look forward in hearing from the team.

Are you talking about updating or upgrading? What version of Ubuntu Mate are you using? What is the make and model of your computer? What do you mean by you cannot log in? There is no login screen? The password comes up as wrong? What happens if you use safe mode? What messages are you getting? Does the hard drive appear to be working? Are you seeing anything, and does any of it have an Ubuntu Mate logo?

You will need to give a lot more information if you want help! Sometimes a clean install is the only thing that works. Do you have data backup or a system backup? Do you have an installation disk or USB drive? If nothing works to login do you know how to get the data off the hard drive you can't log into?

Hello Jymm. Thank you for getting in touch so quickly. when I boot my system ( Intel NUC model: NUC6i3SYK) the system turns on perfectly and when I put in my password I created when I got it stop working after a year since I have been using the system. I see the Ubuntu logo perfectly and when I click on the page a pop up will appear on screen with my username and I have to enter my password to access my folder as well as internet and the system doesn't accept the known password I have been using over a year.

I don't have a data backup or a system backup, hard drive is working perfectly just that this system is slightly challenging. Its all USB ports no CD or disk port. I hope I have giving much information.

Try booting into the safe mode, dropping to the command line and entering a new user password.
sudo passwd <user_name>

like: < sudo passwd gegely > or reset root: < sudo passwd root >

you will have to do it twice, and the characters do not show, so be sure to get them correct.

Start with that and then see if you can login. Maybe someone else can help if that doesn't work,
This may also help, again you would have to boot to safe mode and drop to the command line:

Thank you will try and get back asap.

Sorry I missed this, if it is an dist-upgrade changing the kernel try booting into your previous kernel. It should be there in your grub menu. Sometimes a kernel upgrade can cause problems. If that is the case just use the earlier kernel until kernel update. I have had to do that because of a Broadcom WIFI card twice.