Can't boot to drive in secondary SATA in a Lenovo V110-15ISK

At first, just with Ubuntu Mate installed, the system started to being unable to boot. Stuck in the Lenovo screen. After a few searches I narrowed down the problem to the Optical Disk Drive, I removed it and installed another HDD there. The system began to boot normally. “A problem with the ODD, who needs it anyway” I said to myself, and moved on. I could mount and play around with this second HDD from my Ubuntu Mate no problem.

Then, a few days ago, I wanted to use my secondary HDD and install another linux distro in there. As soon as I did and updated GRUB to detect it, I’m back with the booting problem. It seems the problem is with the system trying to recognize the drive in boot-time (as with the ODD, it was trying to boot from it). If I manage to get to GRUB and select Ubuntu Mate on my first HDD, it boots fine. But if I select the second HDD and try to boot it… blam… stuck.

I’ve tried to search for BIOS updates from the vendor, but its Lenovo, and they seem to don’t give any support to Linux. Does anyone have any ideas or pointers on how to solve this?? (Sending the laptop to warranty is a last resort for me, because it seems its a general problem with the model)