Can't find clock preferences

I'm new here, but a long time Ubuntu Mate user. I recently screwed up my Mate system, so I decided to reinstall from scratch. The latest version I had available was 19.10. Once installed, I discovered that I can't find the clock preferences dialog box. When I right-click on the clock in the panel, I don't get the "Preferences" button. Also, nothing available when I left-click the panel clock. So then I upgraded to 20.04 hoping to correct the problem, but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Never mind. I had the "Indicator Applet Complete" in use. I deleted that and used the individual applets for the clock, volume control and network monitor. Clock preferences showed up once I did that.

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Hi @jimprzy,

Ubuntu MATE is using new clock application -- indicator-datetime -- starting 19.10. It is displayed inside indicator applet complete. You may look through its settings via dconf-editor. The path is com.canonical.indicator.datetime. Since you have removed indicator applet, you will be unable to see application indicators in your panel, be aware about this.

Thanks ironfoot. I used dconf-editor to add weekday, date, month, year and seconds to the clock, but I was looking for the "clock preferences" dialog box to set location for weather (which also doesn't seem to be working).

Indicator-datetime is not designed to display weather, unfortunately. You can add several locations in settings, but indicator will only show current time for those places.
Weather is still available via old clock applet. By coincidence, it is not working right now. Please, follow this thread for updates.

Thanks again. Glad to know that somebody is working on it.