Can't install 3.5" 320x480 TFT w/ Touchscreen

Hi everybody. First post here, and firstly I have to say I love Ubuntu Mate on the Raspberry Pi 2 and how fluid it is, and how little configuration is necessary to get basic functions working.

That said, while my TFT worked with Raspbian, no matter which drivers I try to use and whatever documentation I look at, I can’t seem to get the screen to work with Ubuntu Mate.

I looked at enabling SPI but the only methods I could find using nano wouldn’t work for my TFT because they simply weren’t available.

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+
Ubuntu Mate 15.10.3 (From torrent on the site)
3.5" 320x480 TFT (

Any help would be appreciated, thanks for your time.

Good day,
My name is Dart.

Adafruit has a link for a driver that can be compiled but I don’t know how to compile it. It seems that they only want to support raspbian. I hope this information helps you. May be you can compile it and post a link here. I just got the Pi 3.


hi i have a rpi2 and rpi3 and a adafruit pitft 3.5 and i had the same problem as you i saw this it is how to get a pitft working for kali linux fortunately it also works for ubuntu mate scroll down to " Install the TFT touch screen:" and follow the instructions