Cant install Conky Manager in 21.04

I have installed Conky but Conky Manager cant be found from
ppa:teejee2008/ppa. Any help appreciated.

Welcome to the Ubuntu MATE forum, @Sadzaq! Have you tried this tutorial?

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I tried the tutorial suggested but after "sudo apt install conky-manager I received the error message "Unable to locate package conky-manager"
I didn't receive any errors from the first 2 steps.
Any further assistance would be appreciated

OK, I found this page and when trying to download the files from the direct links at the bottom of the page, the links appear to be pointing to files in a dropbox location that no longer exists. Reading through some of the post, it looks like this project could have been dead for as many as 7 years. I don't see that anyone else has forked it or picked it up. You may be out of luck with this tool.

The ReadMe for Conky provides some links to documentation and tutorials on installing, configuring and using it. Maybe that can help you.


i suggest you simply install "conky-std" an use an ordinary editor to change ~/.conkyrc to your needs.
There are tons of tutorials and (demo) conkyrc's out there.
You could have a look at A Beginners Guide to Conky
Or google for "conkyrc" ...
But, as far as i remember, some rc-file syntax changed over time... so look for newer examples (2019....)