Can't install GIMP via Software Boutique

I'm installing UMate on an old PC for a friend. I'm not new to Ubuntu, but relatively new to U.Mate. I want this install to be as standard as possible, and I prefer using the GUI for everything.
Apart from a problem with the Broadcom drivers, installation went fine. Adding programs also went flawless, using the Software Boutique. (SB) When installing GIMP, I get the following error, twice:

Package dependencies cannot be resolved

This error could be caused by required additional software packages which are missing or not installable. Furthermore there could be a conflict between software packages which are not allowed to be installed at the same time.

The following packages have unmet dependencies:


Now, I've seen I can add other libraries to the SB, but is that the solution, or should I do something else. I'm no stranger to, or afraid of the CLI, so if that's what it takes, OK. I'd rather have it that I do it, instead of him. :wink:

Jan-80, talking for the Bartman.

Just tried installing gimp on my laptop(20.04.1) with apt and the software boutique. With both it installed just fine.

Do you have any ppa's active at the moment? Did you try to
"apt update" once extra before installing gimp?

Do you have any ppa's active at the moment?

It's a standard install. I supposed that the necessary PPA's were already added.
If not, wich one(s) and how ?

Did you try to "apt update" once extra before installing gimp?

The machine is configured for updating every day. Isn't that enough ?
But I will try "sudo apt update" and report back here.


But I will try "sudo apt update" and report back here.

Done. I can post the result...

Using SB to install GIMP:
Same result: no go.

I noticed that there are 2 extra possibilities in Software Boutique:
More Software
-> Software
-> Synaptic Package Manager

Should I use anyone of those ?

This is what the install options in Synaptic are on my 20.04.1.
Hint would check with your friend to see if they are using certain extensions. I use Heal Selection and it didn't work from normal installation. Searched for Heal Selection and 20.04 and it doesn't work because of gimp-python requirement.
A couple of fixes popped up some rather complicated involving getting dependencies from 18.04. Ended up downloading another recommendation which was an Appimage and now my extension works. Research the issue, may save future support problems for you. Use Ubuntu 20.04 Heal Selection or Gmic if you plan on using the Gmic Filters :slightly_smiling_face:

Not using snap think it also works but there is another issue.
Info Heal Selection is like a clone very good for removing timestamps and other items from photos. Sweep select the date heal selection ok and it's gone
If you go with appimage get the one with plugins
AppImage-release-2.10.20-withplugins-x86_64.AppImage is latest Gimp with the required plugins

Strange. Even after apt update? I just tried to install GIMP from SB and it installed just fine. Synaptic should help. You could also post error message from terminal (one related to unmet dependencies).

I just did the same for another person, using the same USB-stick with 20.04.1 on it.
GIMP would not install

sudo apt install gimp

... worked fine.
I have the impression that sb works with snap, and the above doesn't.

Ah well, ...