Can't install Nvidia 390 [Ubuntu 22.04LTS]

Hi. I downgraded Ubuntu Mate 24 to Ubuntu Mate 22 on old machine because I have old crappy Nvidia card which require driver 390. I'm not gamer but I sometimes need Cuda in Blender (last version that support my GPU is Blender 2.79)
But after install I get error. Nvidia Settings shows in menu, but driver not working. Restored with Timeshift. I remember driver was installing correctly before on 22.04...
What should I do to install driver.

Hi again, problem solved!
Solution was to install older Linux kernel 5.15 LTS by:
sudo apt install linux-generic
then reboot and uninstall 6.5 kernel with Synaptic and clean with
'sudo apt autoremove'
after that driver installs correctly