Can't launch Adobe reader although installled successfully

I just installed adobe reader, downloading official deb package from

then open it with the GDebi package installer, and installed it without any bug.

However, it can’t be launched…

You can repeat what I did, I’m sure you will also meet with the same situation…

Try launching it from the terminal. You should see some error details which will give a clue why it’s not working.

I don’t have it installed, but I would presume adobe-reader or similar?


Hi @ricky2

it's working here, I put an icon on the desktop first and then it took a few seconds to start after a double click!:

Try running the following terminal command to install anything you might have missing?:

sudo apt-get install -f

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A dependency is missing that wasn’t included with the package.

Try this:

sudo apt install libxml2

Info found from here:


I have solved it. The problem lies in that the adobe package is a i386 version, no x64 version available.

So I did the following

sudo apt-get install libxml2:i386 libstdc++6:i386


Btw, you are aware that there have been no security updates in two years aren't you?:


Yes…but, anyhow, Adobe Reader can make notes in the PDF and seems to be more standard…I like the simplicity of Evince, but, it would be better if it can have more functionalties…

Actually, I am a newbie in Linux. I am very careful when I have to install new applications. Especially, when the package dependence can’t be achieved. I really wish the installation can be as simple as in windows…

Adobe gets the blame on this one :confused: – When they created the package, they missed out listing this package as something it needs.

As @wolfman rightly points out, Adobe have abandoned security updates and such (same with their official Adobe Flash plug-in). I don’t think they really care unfortunately. :frowning:


Actually, for a newbie like me, mostly I am afraid of spoiling the whole system. When installing software and when I have to manually install some package to meet the dependence, I am always feeling upset. With more and more operations done to the system, I am now even not sure the system is OK or there exists potential problems that might someday boom.

But I am just installing some software…I only wish my operation will not cause even more bugs in the future…

Actually, I only wish that one day there will be the so-called “one click” or “one cmmand line” install. Because actually newbies only use the softwares and are not clear about the functionalty of each package although we all admire the rock solid of the linux system.

In my experience using Ubuntu MATE and Linux in more then a year I found it's easier to install programs here then in Windows. You only have to select it once, enter password and install program trough Welcome or one of the software centers.

You don't have to tell it where you want it to install and click next multiple times while being careful to read what to install not to get any toolbar or another programs installed next to yours in Windows.

As for new users to Linux it will give you less headache to install stuff trough Software Boutique (also part of Welcome under Software) or Software Center of your choice which usually also install any dependency you need or tell you what to install if you use terminal.

Also consider there might be different, sometimes even better programs available for Ubuntu and Linux or that you can use different programs to accomplish different things.

I don't know how making notes works in Adobe Reader as I never used that function under Windows either. But in Atril that is part of Ubuntu MATE you can fill the forms and save changes even if it was made for Windows.

There is Welcome with almost 150 most useful programs installed with one click which I'm sure it will improve even more and get easier to use in the future. Click on each category and you might find some useful programs you might want.