Can't log out or switch user

I think I have messed my system: I can’t log out or switch user from the logout panel.
I am using Ubuntu Mate 18.04, Mutiny layout.

When I try to logout, the panels just reset and reload, with some strange duplication of widgets. It also disables the touchpad, making the computer more difficult to use.
Trying to switch user does nothing except becoming unresponsive for some time.

I think this is related to LightDM, but I can’t be sure.

You can try logging out with the terminal:

mate-session-save --logout-dialog

will open the logout dialog

mate-session-save --logout

will log out without any dialog

mate-session-save --force-logout

will log out, without a dialog and ignoring any existing inhibitors.

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Thanks for the reply.
I tried it, and the result is the same. To be clear, when I click on the Logout button on the panel, the dialog shows up. So that is working.
It’s whatever happens during Logout that doesn’t work. The session does not get closed, and you get kicked back into your desktop, with some things loaded twice.

Any idea how to trace or troubleshoot the session save/logout process?

Ah, found the issue. Somehow I had installed some packages related to kwallet (i was trying some KDE stuff some time ago), and there were some errors related to that in /var/log/auth.log

I removed all packages with kwallet in them, and now it works. I’m also going to check the /etc/pam.d folder for any traces, now that I know what was causing it.

I used this trick to track down which log files to check:

#set timestamp for reference    
touch /tmp/foo
# Find files newer than the foo file
find /var/log -newer /tmp/foo
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