Can't open control center

Hello everybody.

I can't open the control center on my machine. I've just upgraded to 20.04, but since the 19.10 this problem exists.

Can't find a solution. Does anybody ever seen this problem? Screenshot below:

The Control Center appears under the System menu (3rd icon) (Traditional panel layout)

in Familiar, it appears at the bottom of Menu)

Yes, but it doesn't work, so I call the executable from the terminal to see any error messages (screenshot).

Thanks for your reply.

Can you please create a bug report on: mate-control-center

If you don't know how to, this walk you through: How to report problems in Ubuntu Mate

I'm having lots of weird issues, things that install but don't work but then does after a reboot.

Control center doesn't scroll on a fresh install (done it twice) the first time its run until the window is resized. Then it seems to work fine afterwards. How can you file a bug report on something like this?

Taking notes on this second install, but Mate 20.04 is showing the kind of "fixes itself after reboot" that I thought I'd left behind with Windows :frowning:

This laptop ran 16.04 for over a year with only one issue -- the installer didn't recognize its trackpad so I had to use and USB mouse, but trackpad worked fine on installation first boot.

For example, Pithos installed from the Boutique didn't work until I rebooted :frowning: This is just not the Linux way things are supposed to be!

Just did that. Thank you.

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