Can't print more than one copy at a time


I have a HP office jet 5200 and have noticed that I can't print multiple copies.

Wondered if anyone else has experienced this


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Hi kappicraig,
Try to disable Collate Option.

  1. Open the app from which you want to print the document.
  2. Go to File > Print
  3. In the print options, look for Collated section.
  4. Click the drop-down menu and select Uncollated.
  5. Select your printer and print.

Hope it helps you.

Thanks Tim,

I don't think it's that. If I have a one page doc and wish to print several copies then the collate option is naturally greyed out.

Thanks for the feedback though

Hi :slight_smile:
Have you try to remove the printer and add it again ?
Maybe something went wrong during the configuration.

Supposedly that is driver & printer compatibility matter. I.e. number of copies is incorrectly transmitted to the printer and/or is not correctly understood by the printer.
Have you tried to install native HP drivers for Linux?


Yeah I did thanks. Tried but ended up with terminal text all red and I don't think the hplib installed at all


Still getting this problem. Has anyone else experienced this at all?


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Hi kappicraig,
I was having same problem some years ago with an epson printer. No manner of print more than 4 pag at time. Drivers issue.
You can try with this article. Perhaps give you any idea.

Alternatively like a workaround, If there's no way, you can install minimal win virtualization like VB (miniwindows-windows lite) and use win drivers. Could start in few seconds and sharing folder for printing and scanning.
Cheers and luck