Capella (MIDI) problems under Wine

I have just installed Ubuntu MATE 16.04 64bit on a friend’s computer. He was previously using a 32bit computer and he ran “Capella” - a music score program under Wine, it worked very well (I think I had to fix a font but that was all). Now Wine 64 won’t install (missing dependencies) and the 32 bit version runs Capella but it won’t play music. What would be my best approach to solving this?

It’s urgent for him as he has work he needs to do - and it’s awkward for me as I don’t want to have to put him back onto his old 32bit computer - especially since I have promised it to someone else.

Hallo ChrisofBristol

I’m not a musician and I haven’t used the following software myself (I read about it in the latest edition of “LinuxWelt” 2/2017 page 63), so I don’t know if it will solve the problem at hand.

profesional editor for music scores

Hope it helps your friend. :slight_smile:

Try Looking up Musescore as well. I play a little and found it very handy.

I’d never got Wine (32 bit) to run anything, so I originally suggested that he should switch to MuseScore, but he was adamant that he didn’t want to learn any new software, so I have to use Wine + Capella.

I’ve just got him to install “Timidity” and it works!

It’s a bit disappointing that 64bit Wine won’t install though, as it has missing dependencies.

Hi @ChrisOfBristol,

you can get a tar package here:

He’s already got Capella installed. Another thing I’ve never managed to get to work :grinning: is those tar.gz packages, they seem to require compiling, which require installing a compiler, which then don’t seem to work anyway. I stick to .debs, thanks anyway.

To those who suggested Linux music score packages, MuseScore looks very good to me (not a musician), but he doesn’t want to learn any new software unfortunately!

The reason behind that is that Capella uses MIDI, but there isn’t a synthesizer and soundfont included out-of-the-box in Ubuntu MATE, so nothing is outputted. The soundfont is a collection of sounds for the instruments, so your friend could change the default one for another one, if desired.

It’s good to know that Wine and MIDI support work in harmony. :wink:

lah7 I don’t know whether you are referring to my comment in my first post about having to change a font, if so it was a text font and I didn’t need to do it this time. If you were just giving me a new tip - thanks, I might have tried it if it was me that was using Capella, but it’s for my friend - and it’s not worth the grief! I’ve just explained to him for the 3rd or 4th time how to save an email attachment. He doesn’t listen, doesn’t write it down and blames everything that goes wrong on Linux or me. So I won’t be changing anything unless it is essential to make it work!

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