Certificate problem with ubuntu-mate.org

Since yesterday, I get this error message:

Welcome 16.04
Main menu - bottom
3 social media icons then a link to ubuntu-mate.org, but…

The link is to https://ubuntu-mate.org which won’t connect because:

ubuntu-mate.org uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is only valid for the following names: ubuntu-mate.community, www.ubuntu-mate.community

The .org could correct the cert problem or the link could just be http which works.

I also observed this since yesterday and briefly mentioned it on the IRC channel. Not sure if it is somehow related to me using the HTTPS Everywhere extension.

The cert for ubuntu-mate.org is fixed/working now. Same authority, different cert from that of ubuntu-mate.community.

Uh oh. Looks like it’s problematic again! I’ll get @Wimpy on the case!

I experienced this problem too. Even worst is that the browser has been caching https://ubuntu-mate.org and redirecting to https://ubuntu-mate.community. :thumbsdown: Testing another browser proved that.

So if you already visited the site when it misbehaved:

  1. Clear the browser’s cache.
  2. Clear your cookies (or just ubuntu-mate.org’s)
  3. Close all browser windows.
  4. Re-open and try again.

It seems to be happening intermittently these past 24 hours… :confused:

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06.08.2016 at 06:30

UM 15.10
Firefox 47.0
enter by hand “www.ubuntumate.org” gives the website without graphic elements - just text. The IP seems to be104.18.50.134 (situated in the USA)
enter by hand “www.ubuntu.com”, navigate to Downloads, Ubuntu flavours, click on ubuntu.mate link gives a page saying invalid certificate.

UM 15.10
chromium 51.0.2704.79
as with Firefox… but the webpage loads corretly each time, with graphic elements, as you would expect.

This issue should be fixed now. One of the new frontend webservers wasn’t correctly configured with the CDN. All should be fine again. @lah7 When you’re satisfied all is well, you can take the banner down :slight_smile:



As far as I’m concerned all is now working as expected, without “certificate” problems. Thank you to the team. :slight_smile:

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