Change gnome feet logo in the panel menu

Hey guys
I have installed a fresh OS 22.04 and found a lot of problems one of them is that I cannot change the ugly gnome feet logo no matter what I do.

How to change the logo !
I still prefer Ubuntu 20.04 over this OS

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Welcome to Ubuntu MATE community!

It is absolutely unclear how you have got GNOME foot logo.

To change themes use MATE Control Control → Appearance or mate-appearance-properties executable directly.

Dear Sir,

Am a Linux user for more than Six years for our information, I always use my Own customized Icons even the menu icon will change.. Since I have installed this version 22.04. I have installed my icons. Two did not changed.. Firefox web browser which am trying till now figure out and change anything I can for the appearance of this logo as well as gnome feet which I used terminal sudo nautilus and changed a lot of icons related to gnome feet logo. It keeps showing up with out any change.

Gnome feet logo will appear when I use Familiar Panel which looks like Mac with plank dock.

Just thinking outside the box.

Maybe post this question on an Ubuntu-only forum instead of the Ubuntu Mate forum which is dedicated to the Ubuntu flavor using the MATE desktop.

Best of luck!

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This is what I mean, on previous version there was a logo from my own instead of this gnome feet. I have searched every file and modified it, but still useless this feet appear in my face again and again.

Is there a possibility like the previous version where I can change this FEET !!!!

Hi @Salah,
menu is displaying start-here icon from your theme. Since you are using your own custom theme, try adding your preferred start-here icon.

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Thanks a lot for your answer

I've found the solution after A Long Digging.

It is simple.. Go go your icon folder then search for scalable folder. After that open places folder and then create start-here-symbolic.svg picture and that's it. the size should be 128*128 px.


interesting information

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You are welcome @Salah!
Your icon folder is scanned for an icon with start-here prefix. Its location inside your icon folder may vary. For example, for Ambiant-MATE theme (default in 20.04) the path is /usr/share/icons/Ambiant-MATE/apps/22/start-here.svg.


For my icon it has to be start-here-symbolic.svg otherwise it will won’t appear. I have start-here.svg it did not work. Thanks again

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I have the same issue. I get only only that ugly gnome-swirl.svg. But I can't copy to `usr/share/icons/gnome/scalable/places, which seems to be the origin of the mess. How can I overwrite files in that location?

Only as root (or with sudo) you can overwrite files in that location.

this will do:

sudo cp start-here.png /usr/share/icons/gnome/scalable/places

where 'start-here.png' is your new menu icon in your current directory.

or, if you use caja: open destination folder as administrator. :slight_smile:

I just did this (sample for the grey menu):
Enter pkexec caja into Terminal.
In File System, replace the debian-swirl.svg in /usr/share/icons/gnome/scalable/places and replace it with the start-here-symbolic.svg - change the name to debian-swirl.svg - taken from /usr/share/icons/mate/scalable/places

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For my icon it has to be start-here-symbolic.svg otherwise it will won’t appear. I have start-here.svg it did not work. start-here.png alone will not work. I have tried several times.

Thanks for sharing this information. As for me it was a long journey to figure it out which file was missing. In previous version I did not face this issue only here in this version.

I saw one icon folder and started digging until I found that the missing part was start-here-symbolic.svg..

That's it.

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