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I recently have a Moto G5 which is a good one instead of Samsumg,my concern is as everybody knows that there is no privacy with android systems ...does anybody knows about any other operation system instead of android that i can use in my Moto G5 ??? I already knows that there are phones with OS focused in privacy and security but they are expen$ives like Purism Librem 5 or Plasma Mobile,any ideas guys ???


Have you tried a non-stock ROM of Android (AOSP)? These don't come with any of Google's proprietary apps (known as GAPPS - they're optional and can be installed separately). You'll have more luck finding an alternate Android "distribution" that is compatible with your phone as opposed to a non-Android build, unless your phone is widely supported by those projects.

LineageOS is a popular choice - for your phone:

There are other ROMs will different goals -- some are heavy on customization and some are focused on privacy. It'll be a matter of time and research to settle on the perfect ROM.

There are other OS's like Firefox OS and Ubuntu Touch, but only the first generation Moto G is supported.


You can try AOSP-based ROMs based on Android with little to no modifications. LineageOS is one of such ROMs. You'll need to be able to unlock your phone's bootloader to even be able to install custom ROMs. You'll then have to install TWRP recovery, boot into it, and flash the ROM zip file. You can find ROMs for your device by searching 'XDA [YOUR DEVICE]'. Considering that hackers recently got Windows 10 ARM to run on a Pixel 3 XL, we probably aren't too far away from seeing stock Ubuntu (not Ubuntu Touch) running on phones and tablets.


I use OMNI on my Moto G4 but each model phone is different. I suggest you try
XDA Developers to see what is being developed for your phone.

However, as long as you are still getting security updates, you are probably better off keeping the original ROM. I am guessing a Moto G5 should run Android 8 or newer and does have privacy settings that you control.


Now, as for Desktops & Laptops, except for a old EEEPC that runs the raspberry pi desktop, all our systems use Ubuntu-mate. The server & wife's laptop uses 18.04 LTS and the others 18.10. We also have Ubuntu-Mate installed to run from a USB without networking for a rarely used program we do not want on any of our systems.


Correct. Android version: 8.1.0, Security patch level: 1 February 2019.

I'm not sure for how much longer, but it recently (last 3 months) has been updated monthly. And only 5-6 weeks after the nominal security patch date!

Update: If you are on EU Software Channel (reteu) you get the (monthly) Security updates. If you are on the UK Software Channel (retgb) you'll be stuck at 1 Dec, ie vanilla 8.1.0. So maybe reflash to reteu?


Hi @code_exec

It sounds really great to do that but honestly i dont understand much about phones ... we really need some EU company to make phones focused on privacy and security but i guess it will take so many years;to do what you're saying is not easy for beginners like me when we talk about android phones .. :disappointed: but thanks for your help !!!



Have a good look at this, it may be what you are looking for:

They have software and a video that "walk-you-through" the installation (:slightly_smiling_face:):

Is that of interest to you?


Hi @layingback !!!

Really dont know what is a ROM ... just remember that i did get a security update 1 February 2019 , that's all :roll_eyes:
Thanks for trying to help me on how to solve this !!!


Hello @JLjr !!!

I see some interesting links about OS for Moto G5 but will need a lot of time to find the right one for me ; i been looking only for security and privacy OS cause i do work as a volunteer and activist and need those features ; that posts from XDA Developers seems to be easy , will check them with more time , even i can ask questions about the Moto G5 and get answers from the community !!!! my only concern now is how can i save all my metal songs ??? :thinking:


Hey @lah7 !!!

What i really dont like about all those OS is that all are americans ... nothing personal against USA but with the NSA and the things that said Edward Snowden i am really freak out with american software ... i do use Tor Orfox in my phone as the main browser with Orbot vpn and of course encryptred all the time but as you guys knows their main operating system is Android which is owned by google ... i mean trackers all around trying to get your info and everything about you ... :dizzy_face::fearful:

Thanks for your posts and your help !!!