Changing Brisk menu to Full Screen on Contemporary Layout

I prefer the Brisk Full Screen view, and would like to enable it for the Contemporary Layout.

Does anyone know how I can do that?



Not currently using Ubuntu MATE, but you’ll be pointed in the right direction soon by another user!

I recall changing Brisk Menu to the “dash” style and back using dconf-editor. If you have it installed you can open it up and make a search for Brisk and find the appropriate setting to change.

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Hi Tom,

more precisely, you want ‘com/solus-project/brisk-menu/window-type’ key in dconf-editor. Change it from ‘classic’ to ‘dash’. However, the change does not apply immediately (tested in virtualbox). You may need to reload brisk menu. Use ‘killall brisk-menu’ command in terminal or simply log out from your user session and log in back.


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Sweet, thanks guys!

That worked like a boss!

Something to keep in mind when modifying the brisk menu style is that it has a tendency to revert back to the template default if you use Mate Tweak to switch between saved custom layouts.

Using the OP’s case, if he created a custom layout based on contemporary and manually changed the dconf settings of brisk from classic to dash the setting should be preserved so long as he does not select a different layout. If he were to change layouts to something else and back to his custom layout, then the brisk menu setting would change back to classic.