Changing file associations (Open With) not working

No matter which way I try I can’t change the file association for an xlsx file from Libre Office to WPS Spreadsheet applications. I even tried Ubuntu tweak to change xlsx file association. For example: I right click on the xlsx file, go to properties>open with try to select WPS Spreadsheet radio button, but it won’t let me. Nothing happens when I tick the button. I have to manually select the WPS application to launch it. If I left click the xlsx file Libre Office always launches it. Would be nice to change the file association. I submitted a bug report on this also.

Maybe solved I don’t know for sure.
I don’t know if this is the way to fix this problem but it worked as far as file associations are concerned.

I think I found a way to correct the spreadsheets file associations problem I’ve been having.

First goto preferred applications in control center.
Select the office tab.
Select spreadsheet editor drop down list.
I selected WPS spreadsheet application
Close all windows

Now all spread sheets, even Libre Office calc (ODS) will use WPS to open which ODS spreadsheet files won’t open (error will be displayed). Now right click on any ODS file goto “properties>open with” and select Libre Office. Now xlsx files will open with WPS Office program and ODS files will open with Libre Office.

I had problems with fractions displaying decimal to fraction conversion in Libre Office calc. Some decimals like .750 would display a 1(one) instead of 3/4. I did not have this problem on WPS office spreadsheet. That’s why I set up the file associations this way. I submitted a bug on the Libre Office site.