Changing Logout Icon in Mutiny = Kiosk Project

Dear Friends,

I am customizing a Kiosk for a a pubblic library, as a volountary help.
I have written all the project steps, splitted in small problems and now I am blocked in changing a single icon in Munity.

Since most of users are non tech-people, all icons, must be self- explanatory, hence the need to change the “default system-log-out icon” with the gnome-system-log-out one (the green man runnig outside through a door).

In these three days, I am searching in the worlwide internet, also through Ubuntu Mate Community web-pages, making tests, without any positive results.

The default theme used is Ambiant-MATE with orange folders.
Does anybody have some hint?



Here are the project:

KIOSK Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS

Important Settings

Minimal Installation = Done
Guest Standard Account = Done
Munity Panel = Done
Cleanup Script al Login = Done
Firefox & Chromium Locked Settings = to do * (about:config -* chrome://settings)
Locked Context Menu = maybe

Minimal Customization
Change Logout Icon in Munity = to do
Yad – Login & Logout message = to do
Avatar – Login Icon = to do

SysAdmin Shorcuts Legenda

Alt+F1 = Applications menu
Alt+F2 = dconf-editor
dconf-editor + “mate-control-center” = Control Center

Yesterday late evening, I have solved the icon issue. In Mutiny, instead of adding, the dedicated “Logout Session launcher, I opted for adding the “Customized Application Launcher” (the first of the combo-box), which has a form, with 4 fields to be filled:

Type: Application
Name: Exit
Command: mate-session-save –logout-dialog

Futhermore, on its left-side, there is an icon frame, in which it is possible to select the desired icon.
In order to show my icon, as root, I have set these modifications:

  1. I have added myicon.svg in these folders:

  2. Then, clicking on the icon frame, which open a select file in
    usr/share/icons/Ambient-MATE/action/48, I have whoosen myicon.svg and after a second a green man running outside appeared.

Kind rgds,