Chrome apparently infected with virus

After the latest Ubuntu updates, Chrome is severely damaged.
The first symptom was Grammarly stopped working.
Now Chrome cannot display images, and the top window has patches from other windows.
I did not know if it was a Ubuntu problem, a Grammarly problem, or a Chrome problem (or a virus).
I am leaning in favor of a Chrom virus on Ubuntu.
Please help.

Robert Pearson

I don't know if this will help, but something similar recently happened to me with the Brave browser. Since Brave and Chrome both derive from the Chromium code base, it might be a similar problem.

For me, I noticed that some websites had missing elements, e.g. a popup dialog box was just a transparent rectangle, no contents. Same with the Brave Settings page, which made it impossible to try tweaking the settings.

Turns out the problem was with using hardware acceleration in the GPU. Maybe it's something they'll fix soon, but for me the temporary fix was to launch Brave from the command line with a flag (aka switch) to disable using the GPU:

/usr/bin/brave-browser-stable --disable-gpu

(Chrome recognizes the same switch.)

That fixed the problem, so while that launch was still running I accessed the Settings menu, searched for "accel" and turned off the option for "Use hardware acceleration when available", then clicked the "Relaunch" button.

Might be worth a shot.


Agree with @DaveHighland. I also use Brave, derived from Chrome, but symptoms exactly as you describe.

My fix was delete contents of folder GPUCache, which is underneath .config in your home dir. Immediately after deleting cache contents, all worked as normal, with cache contents being recreated.


Just my personal opinion, but Chrome is a virus.

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I have disabled hardware acceleration in Chrome even though I have version 120.0.6099.216 (Official Build) (64-bit) installed.