Chrome browser updates still cannot launched on raspberry pi 3

There seems to be having some chrome browser updates just last week or 2 …
And still the chrome browser doesn’t seems to be working at all. It still cannot launch the program, it keep on exiting.

Do you mean Chrome or Chromium?
To my knowledge Chrome is not supposed to work on a Raspberry Pi. Instead you should use Chromium.

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I believe M_Rusli IS referring to Chromium which is installed by default on the Pi image for Ubuntu Mate.

I am having exactly the same issue with chromium on my Pi3 using Ubuntu Mate. When I launch it, it starts to load but hangs for several minutes until it exits completely. I do get a system announcement that tells me that chromium quit unexpectedly and offers me a chance to send a message. Does anybody actually read that crap?

I am surprised this has not been addressed by some one. I have searched thoroughly for a solution and found many hundreds of people describing the same issue covering many versions of Mate and Pi. Lots of suggestions and no fixes so far.

There’s something I don’t understand.

Why use Chromium and/or Flash on Linux?
To me, it’s the same as like watching a medical doctor outside of a hospital, smoking a cigarette…

Please do enlighten me (and don’t shoot the messenger)

n30, The fact that you asked me not to shoot the messenger indicates that you know your question could be interpreted a bit provocative.

While none of us really want to do delicate surgery with a butter knife. We are all looking for the smoothest and most reliable way to get the job done (what ever it is). Sometimes I look for any solution possible. I hate chrome/chromium and I don’t love flash. But until HTML5 becomes the perfect solution in all cases, many things can only be viewed properly with flash. The world has not yet loosened their grip on it completely. Yet…

I have many hardware and OS options. For now I am working with RPI3 and Ubuntu Mate 16.x.x including all upgrades and updates. The OS is unstable. The hardware is inadequate. Chrome is not supported. Chromium will not launch and Firefox is severely broken. Flash does not function at all and HTML5 won’t do what I need it to do. Time to review my decision making paradigm.

Chrome vs Firefox is all out holy war. Flash vs HTML5 is akin to protestants hating catholics. Strangely you and I are on the same side of these issues except that I will abandon my faith in order to get the stinking job done if I have to.

We all have choices. You have made yours. I have several doctor friends and all smoke cigarettes. Hypocrites, Go figure! (that is a joke, let me know if you don’t understand)

Feeling enlightened? You asked! Sorry, I couldn’t resist taking just one shot.

Kind regards,

Yes, I was definitely a tiny little bit provocative so early in the morning :wink:
Thanks for responding so open and pinching me back. We would laugh about this in the pub.

Anyway: I love the Pi3 with Mate. The only thing that doesn’t work here, is connecting to wifi (so I hooked it up utp) and the nm-applet crashes. All else, incl FF, works fine here.

I respect your choices. Really. It’s okay when we make different ones. I just walk around with the feeling that " the OS" (Ubuntu with Mate) is not the problem here. Perhaps “the OS” becomes unstable when one installs Chromium/Flash?
(no sarcasm here, that’s again for tomorrow morning)

I have seen that many people are having wireless issues. Not me, works great.

My Pi was unstable on first boot from Ubuntu Mate. Fewer issues and faster with other OSs but never zero. None of my issues are rare or unheard of. All are well documented like your wireless issue.

My RPI3 has crashed hard 3 x this morning and I am not actually using it. Nothing running but a terminal screen with a blinking curser. They are apparently not all created equal.

I had very high hopes and expectations. The small form factor and low power consumption was vital to the big plan I had in mind.