Chrome problem with tab sliding after upgrade

Hi, after the last update, Chrome is having stranger behaviour:
I open it, then open some tabs, then I can't move tabs sliding then over the tab bar.
When I try to do this, Chrome undock the tab from tab bar creating a new window; And some times this creates an unexpected shortcut on desktop, from this tab.

I saw that this error isn't present on any other system, only behaving like this on Ubuntu MATE, specificaly 21.10. Tested on two different machines.
I tried reinstalling it but the problem persists

There is some bug report about it?
Is it something with Chrome or is some problem with Marco?

I have the same problem with Chromium and Brave. There are similar reports on other fora regarding other distros. Some people are having similar problems with Firefox. Haven't found the solution yet, but it is irritating.

The "let's be positive" part of my brain says that this is the ideal opportunity to try other browsers; but I'm not feeling that positive today.

Works again now on Brave after today's update of Brave.