Chrome Web Store not working in Chromium

What’s wrong with Chromium these days? Everytime I enter the Chrome Web Store to shop some apps it malfunctions and the not very nice face of Death shows up. I’ve seen some discussions on the Internet but so far without any solutions. What to do? Install Chrome instead? Be patient?

Ps. This is my first post here - nice community! I really like how it works - good choice! :grinning:

Hi, welcome in this community!

Hm…crazy thing. I’havent this problem with chronium. Do you have this in each app you would install, or just by specific apps?

Your post has the benefit, I know now that chrome for Linux does exist. Bevore I thought there’s only chronium for linux. At least one positive aspect. :sunglasses:

Use chromium beta ! I have problems with the shop on chrome stable and chromium stable .

Chromium (stable) was updated today and the problem seems to have been fixed! Finally. :joy:
Yes, Chrome is absolutely available for Linux and it integrates real well. Also you don’t need to install Pepperflash separately as in Chromium. But Chromium being a bit more Open Source I still prefer it.