Cinnamon edition?


I know ubuntu mate is about the mate desktop but can we have a cinnamon edition/spin of ubuntu mate? Vanilla ubuntu with cinnamon is a good blend and it can be attractive to people who like ubuntu and the cinnamon desktop.


That wouldn’t be a “spin” of Ubuntu Mate. It would be Ubuntu Cinnamon.

Which is fine, if that is what you want. But, for that you need to speak to the Main Ubuntu community. Not the Ubuntu Mate community


You wouldn’t even need to speak to the main Ubuntu community for this at all, since you can already install a regular Ubuntu and manually install the Cinnamon desktop on it. It’s not officially supported, but it’ll work just fine all the same. Even if you’re not that familiar with the terminal etc yet, looking for guides on how to do this (there are plenty out there) is a great way to get to know it a little bit better.