Classic Menu woes - crashes so easily! (also some system monitor issues?)

hi guys. so, one of the main reasons for choosing MATE for a major update (14.04>22.04) is that we can set it up with the classic Applications/Places/System menus for users familiar with that old setup!

Unfortunately, on 3 different machines now I've noticed the crashes when editing the entries (right click, edit, try to visit properties for some items?). Am I doing something wrong, is there a bug report for this? I think the menu is probably usable (not sure, haven't used it yet much), but frustrating to edit. Anyone else?

Or does anyone have an alternative for the classic menu layout?
thanks! love that MATE is still going :slight_smile: If it ain't broke and all that...

Oh one more thing! Crazy high CPU usage on the new MATE system monitor, anyone notice this? Have installed gnome system monitor for now, although it doesn't fit in so well with the system menu bar style... Thanks.

forgot to post this sorry: second problem with Classic Menu is that it doesn't scale properly with small panel sizes (for small vertical res screens). Try setting panel height to e.g. 20 to see this problem.

Is this confirmed? I've had issues like this with the menu editor before but never considered panel size could have an impact. But then I never expected window size to be an issue with renaming files in Caja either and here we are...

So has anyone else seen this?

Yes, I just toyed around with it a bit, I can't make it smaller than 27 px

they are two separate issues sorry - the crashes happen even on default panel size.

i'll have to figure out how to file a bug report, is anyone maintaining Classic Menu? It was stable back in 14.04 so not sure what happened :slight_smile:

You may want to check here for bug reports. Classic Menu doesn't have a separate entry, but I believe it's integrated with mate-panel.

I've experienced the same resizing limitation while using Classic Menu. What I've found is that it's theme-dependent. If you use a "modern" theme like Ambiant or Mint-Y, the panel won't shrink below 28px. However, if you use an "older" theme like TraditionalOK or Equilux, you can go to 24px and lower.


ah well done i hadn't spotted it's theme linked. ok good info thanks.