Clean install issue [Grub installation failed]

I am attempting to clean install Ubuntu Mate 15.10 on my PC. I have a new SSD and want pair it with my excising one in RAID 0

The install looks like it is progressing normally but I get an error message.

Grub installation failed, something about that the system will not boot.

Things I have tried.

Removing the RAID 0 and attempt to install on one of the SSD’s
Setting the BIOS to UEFI and UEFI/Legacy.
I have cleared the CMOS
Reset the BIOS

Is there a way to force the install media to Legacy? In the past I have been more lucky with legacy install rather than UEFI. The purple splash at boot from the install media rather than the black one.

I can make a new USB install drive from either my laptop (Ubuntu mate) or this main PC running from the live CD.

That's a BIOS thing. When you start the computer, there should be a key that opens a one-off boot menu, usually it's F8 or F12. In the list there may be two options, for instance:

[UEFI] Generic USB Drive
Generic USB Drive

You'd want to select the bottom option and try again, if there is one. Alternately, a one-time boot could be in the actual BIOS menu.

Thanks for your suggestion, When I select the non-UEFI USB drive the Computer says that there is no OS.