Click link, to appear graphic whatever that

i am not sure, if someone had done to posted, but i see often, here's picture.



Fresh ubuntu mate 15.04

AMD graphic

Application, mostly everything folder, chrome, firefox, i suspect, it possible to cause the AMD Graphic.

here's full screenshot.

Before we can provide an answer we need more information. Please answer the following questions.

  • Which version of Ubuntu MATE do you use? 14.04, 14.10 or 15.04.
  • Do you have an Intel, AMD or NVidia graphic card?
  • Did you install the proprietary drivers?
  • When do you get this? You are moving a file?
  • Which application is this?
  • Could you provide a full screenshot?

Thanks in advance

Done updated! :smiley: i hope i can get answer.

Hi Jose,

set your software sources to "Main" (if not already) and do a full system update first: