Clicking on Mounted at link in Disks opens Handbrake

I've been using Ubuntu Mate 20.04 for some time but recently had to transfer the instance onto a new PC (Dell mini PC) because of a hardware fault. Everything seems to work fine except that when I click on the "Mounted at" link in Disks (for any partition) Handbrake opens instead of Caja. From Caja itself, the mounted file systems open correctly. If I copy the link address from the Disks window (for any partition) the result is "file:///". I have a complex installation which otherwise works perfectly, so I'd rather not reinstall unless I have to. Thanks for any help.

I'm getting deja vu:

Read from the top of the thread onward to get the full context; that particular post to which I linked is just a relevant "solution", I suppose.

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Thanks, Gordon, that foxed it.

Glad to hear that it "foxed" it! :fox_face: :grin: