Clock with big numbers at the Panel?

How can i get a clock for Mate with big numbers for the panel, the one i have in Xfce4 'clock' has an option which allow to be configurated ...

i have vision problems ...


The only way I know is to install dconf-editor:
sudo apt install dconf-editor

Then, run it and go to the key:
org / mate / panel / objects / clock / prefs
and set the format value to: custom.

Then set the value of the key custom-format to something like:
<span size="xx-large">%H:%M</span> (for a 24-hours format)
<span size="xx-large">%l:%M %P</span> (for an AM/PM format)

more information here:

I got now a big number at the panel, but i need one bigger. The option i used was for AM/PM


It seems that this is the bigger size the control accept (not every HTML settings are accepted here).
You can try adding the BOLD modifier (<b>) and changing the font.
Here is an example:


It looks like pango markup language
A few tries is needed to get it right.

The folks in the other thread can change the font colour, as well.

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Thanks @Misko_2083! I tried with size but I didn't know it's in "thousandths of a point"!

@keos, you can try with this:
<span size="40000">%l:%M %P</span>


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Hi, folks!

Any way to insert a new line to make a second row?


You can add %n in the place you want the new line.