Clonezilla problem

I want to clone sda and store the image on sdb2.

However, when it asks “Which directory is for Clonezilla image.” there is no pick for sdb2.

Sdb2 is mounted.

Here is a step by step guide just to be sure everything was done in the correct order

There is also a Clonezilla forum which might be of some help

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I went with fsarchiver.

Much easier to use and can be done while O.S. is running.

OK, how do you like it? I've not used it before.

Edit: I see it included on SystemRescueCD also.

It’s great.

Unlike Clonezilla, you can run it live.

You do not need to run it from a pen drive or CD.

Uses my four core chip, it backed up my sda (1 Tb) of which 35 Gb was used, in about 3 minutes to a second hard drive.

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The Multi-threaded compression caught my eye when reading about FSArchiver. With backing up 35 Gb in about 3 minutes, it sounds like that is working quite well. Think I’ll put FSArchiver on my short list of things to test. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

You are most welcome.