Cluttered titles in window list: suppress remote location and/or change item width?

I am using python/matplotlib to create a large number of figures on a remote machine via ssh, and each figure gets its own window. Unfortunately, the name of the remote server gets appended to each window title in the MATE window list, e.g. "results" becomes "results (on very-long-server-name-dot-something)". Since the items in the window list are quite short and display the endings of the window titles instead of the beginnings, I cannot easily pick the figure I want to look at. Please see the attached screenshot for illustration (server names blackened manually) .

I am looking for a way to either remove the names of the remote server from the figure titles or use wider icons in the window list.

Thank you very much for your help!

Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS
mate window-list 1.26.2



Welcome @henning to the community!

Believe I understand your question. In attached file #1 shows Windows List with the three dots. #2 shows popup help, don't know if it shows what you want. You could try Window Selector to see if it shows what you want. Did remove folders in my panel and allowed Windows List to expand but does not expand enough.
Just some possibles.
Did also try show thumbnails but don't think they show what you are looking for, but can adjust width of them. (just note I have hard time getting preferences so end up removing and readding then set preferences. Think due to my background in panel)


Thank you very much for the fast reply! I followed your advice and added the Window Selector to my panel, which shows the window titles in full length, and this is basically what I need.

(If there was a way to have the Window Selector only list windows from the current workplace, it would be perfect.)


Not that I could find but if you are in the workspace with your desired information it will be at top of list. In Windows List there is option for only on workspace. Sorry.
Edit: Did find definitive in it's help that shows all workspaces