[Color-Fade] Ubuntu MATE Wallpaper with logo

Hello Community!
First of all, I am NOT the best "designer" the world has ever seen. Forgive me if the Wallpaper isnt that good. If you don't like it, tell me how i can do it better. :slight_smile:
So, there you go:


Nice work :slight_smile:

Its simple and good looking like ubuntu mate :slight_smile:

Can we have a UM green version ? :slight_smile:

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I'm a true believer in the KISS theorem.. Keep It Simple Stupid. Simple but strikingly elegant with hint of mystery for those who don't know the Mate symbol. I'm not super keen on green and asap change to blue submarine theme on installs. I reckon if you're too busy looking at pretty wall papers taking up valuable resources, you're not doing enough better things on your machine to use such resources lol. I like it!

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Sure, just tell me should I change the background to UM-Green or should I change the logo? Or everything?

However you like it, there you go.
I've added one more. It's not exactly the UM-Green color but it looks nice.




Thanks a lot :slight_smile: its really good looking :slight_smile:

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Stunning! Very nice. How to replicate it?
No techie here...

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Because i see your trying to make a Mate Wallpaper i think you should look at the texture and the composer wallpapers on manjaro-Mate
My opinion is like something missing on your pictures and if you ad some background texture or color or something ... It's artist business after all.
Screenshot at 2020-09-24 17-18-36

That's my favorite !!

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Wow, thanks for the hint. Didnt thought about that.
I've just created these wallpapers for fun. If you want you can edit them and post your edits here as well.

You need to download the wallpaper and save it, where ever you want.
Then rightclick your Desktop > Change Desktop Background > Add (+), and then select the wallpaper where you've downloaded it.


Got it - and it was much Easier than I thought.
Thank you very much.

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No problem.
If you have any questions, especialy with ubuntu mate, feel free to ask. :slight_smile:
Maybe I can help you.

I try to give you one way peoples using creativity like pro (my opinion) to display wallpapers.
In past i used gimp and inkscape to create logos ... and when i saw those wallpapers i loved them and wish to share with all in forum .

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There is a mate logo i made in .svg format.
I made it with inkscape and it's big to upload

That's edited with gimp .png format

That's an idea for everyone wish to look for making a new mate logo.
i made it with inkscape and its saved as .svg so you can understand the method i use to make it.

@BlackDeadDeer, for lack of better adjective, I'll use the word stunning..! Although all the wallpapers you posted are good, I like these last two, green logo on lighter-green and green logo on dark-green (whatever be the artistic name for shades :slight_smile: ).

Oh, welcome to the UM community BTW. :slight_smile:


Thank you. :relaxed:
I like to see that people are using these wallpapers / that people do like them. :slightly_smiling_face: